Win Year of Free Pet Food

Win Year of Free Pet Food

Enter Stella & Chewy’s Petfluencer Contest to make your pet a star! Win amazing prizes, a year’s supply of food, and your pet on digital billboards

Are you ready to see your pet’s face light up digital billboards across the city? Introducing Stella & Chewy’s Petfluencer Contest! All you need to do is snap a picture-perfect photo of your pet and enter it for a chance to catapult them to pet stardom. We’re not just talking about a moment of fame, but a chance to bag some amazing Stella & Chewy’s product prize packs for your furry companion too.

As we roll out the red carpet, we’ll be selecting four semi-finalists who will receive an assortment of Stella & Chewy’s products. But hold onto your leashes because the grandeur doesn’t stop there! The Grand Prize Winner will not only receive Stella & Chewy’s food for an entire year but will also enjoy the unparalleled thrill of seeing their pet featured in a Stella & Chewy’s ad on digital billboards. Get ready for an adventure like no other in the Petfluencer world!

Entry Frequency: Once
Eligibility: US, CA 18+
Sweeps Expiration: 7/23/23
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