Holiday Dog Advent Calendar

Unleash the Holiday Cheer With a Cat and Dog Advent Calendar!

Delight your pet this Christmas with a special Advent Calendar, filled with treats & toys. Celebrate each day with your furry friend and create holiday memories!

Ho-ho-ho, pet loving parents! The season is upon us, and it’s not just us humans who deserve a sprinkle of holiday magic and good cheer! Imagine your furry best friend’s excitement as you introduce them to the wondrous tradition of a cat and/or dog Advent Calendar! It’s more than just treats and toys; it’s about celebrating and sharing special moments together!

Count Down to Christmas

Let’s face it, our dogs and cats aren’t just pets; they’re family. They give us unconditional love and laughs, all wrapped up in the occasional bit of mischief. So, this Christmas, why not give something special that makes them even happier? A pet advent calendar is a perfect way to count down to Christmas with your furry friend. Each day is a new surprise. It brings a new opportunity to see those eyes light up with anticipation of a special daily treat!

The Excitement Builds Up!

There’s something extraordinary about this ritual during the holiday season. Each day, as you reach for the advent calendar, you’ll see your pet’s eyes watching your every move with anticipation. They’ll quickly catch on to this delightful new routine. From sniffing or purring, to giving you that sweet look, it’s a daily dose of special love with a pinch of extra cuteness you surely won’t want to miss!

A Treat for Every Day!

The Himalayan Pet Supply Company is known for its quality treats and this year they’re offering Best Friend’s Advent Calendar Dog Treats through for just $19.98! Plus, with the discount code PET50 at check out, you can get 50% off! For that small price you may just buy more than one!

Behind each door awaits a tasty treat made with the finest ingredients. With flavors like cheese, bacon, peanut butter, and chicken, your furry bestie is in for a daily surprise! Plus, there is no gluten or lactose, so you can be sure you’re giving the purest quality and, as a bonus, these treats promote good dental health too!

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A Calendar for your Fabulous Feline!

Pet advent calendars aren’t just made for dogs. Purina has the purrfect variety pack of Feastivities Advent Calendar for your feline companion. It’s filled with Fancy Feast gourmet food, treats and complements your cat is sure to meow for and purr with joy about!  

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Bonding Time

This isn’t just about treats; it’s about creating those special moments you and your fur baby will cherish. Each day, as you open a new door of the calendar, you’re making your special bond even stronger with your pet. It’s a time to press “paws” and play, to show them extra love and how much they really mean to you. This daily interaction strengthens your connection and makes for some adorable holiday memories, so you may want to have your camera ready!

The Joy of Giving

A holiday advent calendar isn’t just about the treats; it’s the act of giving. Seeing the happiness and anticipation in your pet’s eyes is a reminder of the simple joys in life and appreciating the little things as you celebrate the holiday spirit with them. It is a special way to share a moment each day with your pet that’s all your own.

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A pet advent calendar is more than just a festive gimmick; it’s a heartwarming experience to add to those special moments with your beloved pets. So, this holiday season, be sure to include your furry family members in this joyous tradition. We wish you and your wonderful pets all the best of the season and hope your holidays are filled with happy tails wagging and plenty of joyful meowing refrains!

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