Top Dog Friendly Restaurant Chains

Discover dog-friendly dining options across America, where you can enjoy meals with your furry bestie at restaurants offering outdoor seating and dog menus.

With more than 65 million households in America having dog family members, it’s becoming more commonplace for pet parents to take their beloved dogs everywhere they go. Many restaurants have taken notice and now offer dog-friendly dining options so you can enjoy a meal with your furry bestie by your side!

Whether you’re in the mood for a fast food burger and fries, a more elegant dining experience or just a cup of coffee and a snack, a number of restaurant chains across the country have implemented outdoor dining areas and policies which are dog-friendly.

Panera Bread locations with outdoor dining areas generally allows dogs. It’s a good idea to check your location ahead of your visit to make sure they participate in dog-friendly dining.

Dairy Queen offers outdoor dining accommodations for people with dogs and some of their locations will also offer your pooch a free dog-friendly vanilla flavored ice cream cup!

Some Applebee’s restaurants have begun to offer outdoor dining to accommodate patrons with their canine companions, and several locations host a “yappy hour” on special occasions.

Shake Shack is among the top dog-friendly locations offering an outdoor patio dining area as well as dog appropriate menu items such as variety flavored biscuits, vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce.

Olive Garden is beginning to open up patio dining options for dog parents, but not all locations have this accommodation so it’s best to call ahead.

Starbucks has also joined the dog-friendly movement in offering patio seating options so patrons can bring their dogs and also offers off-menu dog treats such as the puppuccino, which is a small cup filled with whipped cream.

Johnny Rockets offers several dog menu items at their many dog-friendly locations, including the popular pupcake treat.

While technically dogs are not allowed at In-N-Out Burger, they can accompany their pet parents at the drive-thru while staying inside the vehicle. They also have pup approved menu options such as unseasoned puppy patty burgers, so your pooch can enjoy bonding over a burger with you!

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar has 40 locations in eight U.S. states and offers a complimentary bowl of fresh water and beef or chicken bowl with brown rice and veggies menu choices your furry companion is sure to enjoy.

Of course, well behaved dogs are welcome at these restaurants and pet parents should be mindful of their manners as well as keeping them on a leash and make sure they relieve themselves in an appropriate place before entering the restaurant. Your dog should also be fed before you go out to eat if that restaurant does not offer a dining options appropriate for a dog. You should always refrain from allowing your dog to lick or touch anything on the table, and they should be seated on the floor beside you to abide by health department regulations.

As an added bonus, certain national restaurant chains have partnered with local animal shelters and rescue organizations to promote pet adoption and support animal welfare initiatives. Dog-friendly restaurants have emerged as leaders in catering to the needs of pet parents and their furry companions.

Whether it’s offering outdoor seating areas, providing special amenities and menu items for dogs, or partnering with animal welfare organizations, these establishments have demonstrated an added commitment to their community and customer satisfaction. By embracing dogs as valued guests, these restaurants have not only enhanced the dining experience for dog parents, but have also fostered a sense of camaraderie among pet lovers nationwide.

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