Pet Sweepstakes Winners

SweepsPet Winners Ring February 2024

Meet our pet sweeesptakes winners for February 2024. Enter our free giveaways for the chance to pamper your pets with the best they can get!

The fabulous month of February was purrfect for our pet parents who entered to win Sweeps.Pet giveaways for their furry family members! And it sure is the pawfect time to win some extra resources to pamper your pooch or spoil your fantastic feline more than usual! Having prize money or access to supplies is sure to keep those purrs roaring and tails wagging even more so!

V.S. is sure to have some extra activity going on since winning the $50 Weekly Cash Giveaway on February 5! Whether you shop online at Chewy, Amazon, Petco, or any of your favorite online pet supply retailers, or hop in your car and head to the store, winning free cash to pick up what you need, or buy some extra toys and treats, is certainly something to wag your own tail about!

L.C. got some lucky news delivered to their email after winning the One Year of Pet Food on February 8! Unfortunately, thus far, they have not replied and missed this grand opportunity to feed their pets for an entire year for free! When you enter any of our free sweepstakes, it’s important to use your real email address, and check for messages from Sweeps.Pet. That’s the only way we can or will notify you of a lucky win so you can receive your prize at absolutely no charge! If you don’t reply, we cannot issue the prize award. It’s as simple as that! This is an unfortunate situation for our winner, and their pets, because we are always so happy to see our pet parents win some spectacular to pamper their pets even more! So, L.C. if you’re out there, and happen to read this, please check your email and get in touch so we can award your pawesome prize!

Anne U. in Kansas City, Missouri, might be heading to Petco with her canine companion since they have extra money to spend on something special after winning the $50 Weekly Cash Giveaway on February 12! That could be pawfect timing to pick up extra treats for Valentine’s Day, since your pup is undoubtedly the love of your life! You might even get a heart shaped pillow that says, “I Love You,” as a reminder of the wonderful time you had together and the lasting bond you share!

Anthony S. from Grovetown, Georgia, also has some extra spending money to dote on his furry family members since winning the $50 Weekly Cash Giveaway on February 19! That could be purrfect timing if your furry companion is due for a visit to the groomer for a day of pampering! Of course, you could also pay a visit to your favorite local pet store to browse around for some special things to buy. Perhaps a new leash and collar is in order so when you hit the hiking trails you can be sure your furry bestie stays right by your side!

Kristine R. of Simpsonville, South Carolina, also made it to the Winners Ring with a $50 Weekly Cash Prize win on February 26, and that is certainly pawesome news to find in your email inbox! Now you can take your furry companion for a fun shopping trip to Petco because our pup pals always get excited when they are greeted by the staff with a special treat and can explore the store to pick out a new toy or perhaps they’ll find their favorite treats because they have a nose for locating that familiar scent! You might even pick out a new collar and stop by Quick Tag to make sure your furry friend has the proper identification for safeties sake!

Keep entering our free giveaways for the chance to pamper your pets with the best they can get! It’s always free and simple to submit your entries. Just don’t forget to use your real email and check it often for possibly the most exciting news you’ve ever received!

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