January Pet Sweepstakes Winners

Sweeps Pet Winners Ring January 2024

Winners delight in free pet sweepstakes, scoring cash & gifts for furry friends’ pampering. Join to win & treat pets with top pet supplies

We’re always thrilled when pet parents enter our free sweeps and win! We’re proud to offer opportunities to win pet related giveaways so you can pamper your furry family members with everything they need to thrive and enjoy their lives even more!

Suzanne L. from Alburquerque, New Mexico, started off the new year with some extra cash to dote on her fur babies since she won the very first $50 Weekly Giveaway on January 1! That could mean a ride over to Petco to go on a fun shopping trip with your pooches because dogs are great shoppers, especially when their mom says they can pick out their own toys and treats! The folks at Petco are always glad to see you and help to find anything you need, if your pooch doesn’t find it first that is!

Linda P. of Central Point, Oregon, might have some wet noses pressed up against the front window waiting for the Chewy box to arrive since she won the $250 Chewy Gift Card on January 5! That is certainly treasurable with so much to choose from and gift card money to pay for it at check out. Plus, when you spend $49 or more, Chewy will ship it straight to your door for free! That’s the purrfect complement to your lucky win and we hope your fur family enjoys everything you order for them whether it’s toys, treats, their favorite foods, a snazzy new collar, or whatever you need to keep them pawsomely content!

David P. in Betsy Layne, Kentucky, may also be heading over to Petco with his furry friends because everyone knows that’s where the pets love to go with their parents to shop and now, with the $50 Weekly Cash he won on January 8, everyone can hop in the car and take a ride to explore the store and pick out some tasty treats and fun toys. Of course, they cater to all kinds of critters, so you might be getting cat, bird and fish food, or something for your llama to munch on!

Steve K. from Los Angeles, California, has some extra cash to dote on his furry bestie since he won the $50 Weekly Cash Giveaway on January 15! Living in one of the most pet friendly cities in the country, you might decide to take your pooch to the mall to scope out a new pair of shades and matching bandanas so when you head down to Venice Beach everyone will notice how cool you both are! Don’t forget to post a selfie with you and your bestie to show your friends what a great time you had together!

Shirley B. of Effingham, South Carolina, will also be having some fun since she has $50 to spend on her pets after winning the Weekly Cash Giveaway on January 22. That could mean a trip to the grocery store to buy everything you need to make your famous dog cookies that really gets those tails wagging!

Rayburn R. of Tyler, Texas, won the $100 Petco Gift Card on January 24. That’s sure to be a fun shopping trip with your canine companion since every dog loves to shop at Petco to pick out their own toys and treats! Ethel M. in Cleveland, Ohio, rocked her entries and also won the $50 Weekly Cash Giveaway! Way to go!

Congrats to all the lucky winners. Keep entering for the chance to pamper your pets with our free Sweeps Pet giveaways which are purrfectly exciting because they’re totally free and simply fun to enter! With prizes as high as $125,000 along with great gift cards from the top names in pet supplies as well as the $50 Weekly Giveaway, it’s pretty pawesome to submit your free entries and find a winner email in your inbox!

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