Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Keep pets hydrated, provide ample shade, avoid strenuous exercise duringheat, never leave them in cars, protect paws on hot pavement and use safe lawn products

With Summer heating up, it’s time to cover pet safety tips to ensure your furry friends enjoy the nice weather and stay happy and healthy all season long!

Hydration is the number one safety issue to be aware of, especially during hot days. Make sure your pets have ample clean fresh water at all times whether they are indoors or outdoors. Dehydration can happen rapidly and lead to serious health issues.

Adequate shade is also something you should provide when your pets are outdoors. Direct sunlight can easily cause heatstroke, especially if your pet has a thick coat. Likewise, thin coated or fair haired pets can easily get sunburned, so be sure to provide plenty of shade. You might even consider a sprinkler pool to help them keep cool when outdoors, which the kids can enjoy too!

If you have a full sized pool or take your dog to the beach, lake, river, or on a boat, be sure to always supervise them. Not all breeds are natural swimmers so using a life vest designed for dogs is advisable so they cannot accidentally drown. Be sure to measure for the proper fit, and choose a bright color that can be easily seen.

During hot weather strenuous exercise should be avoided, especially during the hottest part in the middle of the day. Early morning or late evening is the better time to go for a walk because cooler temperatures can prevent heat exhaustion.

Never ever leave your pet in a parked car. Period! Even for a few minutes with the windows cracked open, inside the car can reach dangerously hot temperatures in a matter of minutes and cause heat stroke or a painful death.

If you walk your pet on pavement, be sure to use a paw protection balm to avoid their pads being burned by the heat. It’s preferable to walk on grassy surfaces or use booties designed for hot pavement to protect their paws if you do walk on pavement.

Be aware of any lawn and garden products as well as insect repellents that may contain hazardous chemicals that can be toxic. It’s always best to opt for natural products that are safe to use around pets, such as Wondercide Outdoor Pest Spray, so there is no chance of poisoning your pet, which could be fatal. It’s always best to keep pets away from treated surfaces until they are completely dry.

Regular grooming is important at any time of year, but especially in summer months, which can prevent your pet from overheating. Whether you bathe your dog at home or use a professional groomer, it’s best to make sure your pet is free from matts and tangles. Use a deshedding tool to remove the undercoat that is shedding, and trim hair if your pet has hair that grows. Be careful not to shave your pet down, or cut their coat too short as this provides natural sunburn and heat protection.

Make sure your pet is protected from parasites and fleas by using a safe method of protection. If you’re not sure what to use, check with your veterinarian. There are also natural options on the market such as Only Natural Pet, which offers safe and effective plant based alternatives free from harmful chemicals.

Be mindful of wildlife during the summer season and keep your pet away from tall grassy areas where creatures such as snakes could be lurking.

By following these simple yet important tips, you will ensure your furry family members stay healthy and safe all summer long!

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