Find lost pets with premium GPS systems

Premium GPS Pet Tracking Devices

Explore top-tier GPS pet tracking options like Halo Smart Collar & Garmin Astro, offering advanced safety features and peace of mind for pet owners

As technology continues to advance, the benefits can outweigh the cost when it comes to keeping our beloved furry family members safe. What started out as tracking devices for everyday items like luggage has turned into a benefit for pet parents who want to make sure their pet is safe and secure at all times.

Previously, we explored GPS collars and tracking devices for the budget minded. Here we present top of the line premium GPS pet tracking options for those whose budgetary concerns are not a factor.

Halo Smart Collar with AI Driven GPS (average cost $699)

Developed by life-saving technology engineers with 25 years of experience in the field, Ken and Michael Ehrman combined their expertise with that of leading dog behaviorist expert, Cesar Milan, to include understanding the psychology of dog behavior and associated training methods to provide the best protection possible.

The Halo Smart Collar 3 combines advanced GPS technology with Artificial Intelligence to ensure you are getting the best possible features available on the market today. This device touts being the most accurate ever produced and can track your pet anywhere in the world using satellite reception with all-carrier cell tower connectivity. With advanced GPS tracking in real time, along with virtual fencing and activity monitoring features, you can manage your pets whereabouts with their user friendly app suitable for both Apple and Android devices. It runs for 24-hours before charging, which can be done through the magnetic port, keeping any dust, dirt and debris out of the connection. This collar comes in several sizes, ensuring that it fits comfortably no matter what size or breed of dog you have.

Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Dog Tracking Bundle (average cost $649)

For the outdoor adventure enthusiast, the Garmin Astro 430/T Tracking Bundle is perfect for hiking, camping, frolics through the woods, visits to the lake or beach, or anywhere you are in the great outdoors with your pack since it can track up to 20 dogs at a range of up to 9 miles.

This package includes a collar mounted pet device along with a handheld precise GPS satellite tracking system which shows typographical pre-loaded mapping with birds-eye imagery and comes with a 1-year free service subscription.

This system is highly sensitive to challenging environments making it perfect for any adventure. There is an option for a rechargeable 20-hour battery pack, or it can run on standard AA batteries.

Spot On GPS Dog Fence (average cost $999)

The Spot On GPS Dog Fence uses GPS to create a virtual fence anywhere you choose whether that is at home or elsewhere like the park, the beach or even when visiting friends and family. It’s designed to keep your pooch within a determined set boundaries you create and uses advanced satellite technology to pinpoint your dog’s location in real-time. It’s capable of creating fencing up to 100,000 acres and allows for setting “keep-out” zones to prevent your dog from going places within the range that could potentially pose danger.

Whether you and your prized pooch are homebodies, travelers, or outdoor enthusiasts, the technology available today to keep you together is certainly worth a small price for lasting peace of mind and constant companionship.

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