Happy New Years Resolutions for Pets

Pawsitively Happy New Year Resolutions and Tips

Boost pet health & happiness this New Year! Discover top tips for nutrition, regular exercise, and mindful grooming for a joyful 2024 with your furry friends.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people; our fur babies can benefit from positive changes as well. Whether you share your home with a contented kitty, a playful pup, or both, we present to you some pawsitively wonderful tips and resolutions to help make it a fabulous new year for both you and your four-legged companions.

Health is Wealth for Pets

Just like humans, pets thrive from living a balanced lifestyle. Regular veterinary checkups to ensure their well-being is essential to preventative care. These visits should include keeping their vaccinations up to date, and discussing any concerns you may have regarding everything from nutrition to exercise to socialization and even dental care. Our pets thrive when they live a good life balanced with all their needs being met. Regular exercise is also essential to keep them mentally and physically fulfilled.

Happy Bellies

A well-balanced nutritious diet provides a solid foundation of good health and wellness for your furry companions. If you already provide food that is well balanced and agrees with your pet, you’re doing the proper job of keeping them healthy. If your pet enjoys certain foods, it’s a good idea to rotate some of the ingredients so their taste buds stay excited to eat. If you are someone that home cooks, for example, you can rotate proteins to change things up and alleviate food boredom. If you feed pre-made food check to see if there are flavor varieties that contain the same base ingredients so you can switch things up without compromising their nutrition, or if you can add a special topper for variety.

Mindful Grooming

All pets like to be pampered and grooming is one such way to keep them happy and healthy. Brushing your pets coat reduces shedding, prevents matting, and keeps it shiny by stimulating the natural oils in their skin. It’s also a great way to increase circulation, especially in older pets who may not be at peak performance when it comes to daily activity. If you haven’t been grooming on a regular basis, this is something you will want to put on your list of resolutions.

Dental care is also an important aspect of grooming. Whether you use dental chews, a water additive, or physically brush your pets teeth, regular oral hygiene is important to prevent tarter build up which can lead to tooth and gum disease.

Create a Pet-friendly Space

As a part of your household, pets are family members and should have a space to call their own. You may decide to give your pets special space a new makeover and update their bedding, toys and bowls so they can start the new year with a fresh spot they can cozy up in all year round.

Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

Just like people, pets need to keep their minds active, especially during winter when outdoor playtime may be limited. Puzzles, toys and activities added to their daily routine can ward off boredom and help them to expend excess energy they may not be able to physically burn off with limited outdoor time. Make it a part of your resolution to incorporate enriching activities into your pets day to keep them happy!

Quality Time

Life can get hectic and sometimes we forget to make time for the little things which can turn out to be among the most important. It’s essential to dedicate some of your time to your pets even if that’s just cuddling on the couch to watch your favorite movie. Make it a part of your resolutions this year to include bonding time and one-on-one play time with your furry companion. These shared moments together will bring lasting joy to you both. You can also make play dates to keep them socially active with other furry friends, especially if they are an only pet.

Environmental Responsibility

As a pet parent, you want to use the best care products possible, but also keep the environment in mind. For example, you can choose to use biodegradable poop bags and pet toys which are sustainable to reduce waste in our environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle are words to live by when it comes to products for both our pets and our lives.

As we embark on a brand new year, let’s make a commitment to enrich the lives of our pets and make every moment together as fulfilling as possible. We hope you find these tips useful as a starting point and wish you and your furry companions a very Happy New Year! Andwhile you are at it, enter our fantastic pet sweepstakes!

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