Mr Beast REscues 100 Dogs from Shelter

MrBeast Saves 100 Shelter Dogs

MrBeast rescues 100 dogs from shelters, aims for adoption with help from stars & offers gifts.

The world’s most popular YouTuber and social media philanthropist, MrBeast, is at it again spreading his love and kindness to others, but this time it’s for 100 of his four legged friends. What all 100 dogs have in common is they were either rescued from abandonment or a kill shelter. Many of these canine cuties would most likely have been euthanized by the time MrBeast produced the video to save them, so he rescued them instead!

With a team of dedicated companions, MrBeast transported all 100 dogs to a massive sanctuary hoping to get every single one adopted to a furever home. His dedicated team included trainers, walkers and an entire group assigned purely to give the dogs some belly rubs and scratches behind the ears to help make them feel safe and secure. “Make sure they get lots of love. I want the doggos happy!” said MrBeast. And they were happy, as the first group of potential adopters arrived to see if they would make a connection with any of the doggos.

MrBeast had launched a statewide ad campaign, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the adoption of these dogs to get as many people as possible interested. When the first adopter arrived at the massive and impressively organized adoption facility, it was a woman with a boy Dachshund looking for a doggy companion about the same size. They were introduced to a long-haired female Dachshund named Biscuit. The woman’s first reaction was, “oh she’s cute!” A trip over to the park to play and see if there’s a connection was the next step to ensuring Biscuit would be going to the right family. Biscuit and the male dog immediately began to run and play together. It was definitely a match made in doggo heaven and the adoption was underway.

“One down and 99 more to go,” said MrBeast, as the team continued their mission to get each last one adopted to the right furever family. One by one, new adopters came to the sanctuary, and instant bonds were created as they left together but not before MrBeast began surprising them with incredible gifts of a lifetime supply of food and pet insurance, and in some instances, $10,000 or $20,000 cash on top of that!

Dave Batista, acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy actor, paid a visit to the sanctuary to offer his support and possibly adopt a dog, saying he already has four rescue dogs. In a lighthearted moment of fun, the team put Dave to work greeting a family of new adopters by barking. In all seriousness though, Dave proudly presented the family with a certificate for free dog food for life from Jinx and pet insurance for life courtesy of Spot. With Dave on board, adoptions began to move quicker.

MrBeast and his team vetted each of the adopters to ensure every doggo went to a proper furever home where they will be well cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. Many of the new pet parents began sending video footage to MrBeast and his team, giving them an inside look at the dogs’ new lives and how happy everyone is together, loving their new homes and furever families.

Number 89 of the 100 dogs up for adoption was Buffet, a three legged fur baby who finally found the perfect match after being passed up a number of times. Buffet went home with a gentleman who was not the least bit discouraged by his three legs because his grandfather once had a three-legged dog who was great. Buffet appeared to warm up to this man right away as they went for a getting to know each other walk together. Buffet seemed to be enjoying running around with his newly found person. MrBeast made sure Buffet could live the life of his dreams and had a custom made prosthetic leg fitted on Buffet before he left with his new dad, who also received $10,000 cash!

They were down to the final 10 and “hardest to get adopted dogs,” when Dave kept going back to one dog in particular, Doralee, vowing to adopt her if no one else did. Doralee was one of the last two dogs and when the second to last, Star Crunch, was adopted Doralee appeared to be sad.

MrBeast and his crew gave Doralee the run of the sanctuary and all of the attention “the last dog deserved,” as they “waited and waited and waited,” until finally one person walked in, and hope was restored. MrBeast said Doralee had been saved in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, and is the last dog at the sanctuary looking for a forever home. Once it appeared a match had been made, one more approval was needed. MrBeast called Dave via video chat, who gave his blessing immediately for Doralee to go to her new furever home.

As a reward for adopting the 100th dog, MrBeast presented Doralee’s new dad with $20,000 in cash, which his team members wheeled into the room in a wheel barrow with the promise that he will always take good care of Doralee!

As a big thanks to the incredible people who let MrBeast and his team use their place for the dog adoptions, MrBeast presented the group with a check for a whopping $100,000 as a donation towards the work they do. Then his team rolled in an additional $50,000 in cash on top of the check and what they were initially paid to help with the dog adoptions.

Here at Sweeps.Pet, we couldn’t be prouder of the work MrBeast, and his team, gave to the 100 rescue dogs. We appreciate you MrBeast and look forward to your continued good work making the world a better place for people and pooches!

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