Holiday Luxury Gifts for Your Pets

Luxury Holiday Gifts for the Pampered Pet

Discover luxury holiday gifts under $100 for pets: massagers, fountains, personalized blankets, toys, and orthopedic beds. Pamper your furry friend this season!

Luxury Holiday Gifts for the Pampered Pet under $100

There’s no time like the holidays to pamper your pet! After all, they’re part of your family and add joy to your life, so giving something meaningful is a great way to show them even more love! Plus, you can enter to win our pet sweepstakes for, and Petco Gift Cards to help with your holiday buying budget this year!

Pet Massagers for Dogs and Cats ($27.85 – $89.95)

Massage can be beneficial to anyone, including our pets. It’s a great way to help your pet to relax, sooth aching joints and muscles, especially in aging pets with arthritis, and can be an excellent tool for bonding with your beloved furry friends. There are a number of choices on the market for handheld pet massagers your pet is sure to enjoy. In fact, once they become accustomed to massage they’ll most likely ask for it just like a treat!

Pet Wave offers pet parents a rechargeable massaging brush and also a model with a rotating massage head. Both types can promote relaxation and alleviation of joint discomfort which can improve mobility. You’ll know it’s working when your pet pal paws for more!

Feiron makes a four head rechargeable electric handheld massager for dogs and cats which is easy to hold to massage your pet’s head or full body. The massage heads are made of soft silicone, providing relaxation and relief from stiff joints and muscle aches.

Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain ($89.95)

For the pet parent who wants to easily provide continuous fresh water to keep your pets healthy and hydrated, PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain supplies two-tier flowing filtered water in a fun way that entices your furry pal to drink more. The upper and lower dishes are suitable for different sized pets to drink simultaneously. It’s available from Amazon, Chewy and Petco.

Personalized Pet Blanket ($31.99 each)

If your furry family members like to cozy up with a soft blanket all their own, a Frisco Personalized Pet Blanket is the perfect gift! The soft fleece is snuggle worthy and big enough to share, or you can get one for each of your pets and one for yourself too! It’s customizable up to 13 characters long and comes in a variety of colors and patterns with little embroidered paws to add some extra flair!

Digging Toy for Dogs ($99.99)

If your dog is a digger, here’s a way to promote their natural instincts without following them around the yard filling in holes. iDig Stay Digging Toy for Dogs gives your active pooch the mission of uncovering hidden treats by digging their way to find them. This helps to stimulate their mental and physical energy and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Pixie Mouse Cat Toy ($29.99)

If your fantastic feline loves the thrill of the chase, they’ll be purring away with an interactive mouse by PetLibro designed specifically to engage your cats natural hunting instincts. This will be your cats new favorite activity with adjustable speeds, 240 minutes of play time before recharging, and it works on a variety of surfaces, giving them plenty of space to enjoy the pursuit!

Snuggle Puppy with Heartbeat ($39.95)

Having a warm heartbeat to snuggle with is the perfect way to promote relaxation and ease anxiety or overactivity in your puppy or newly adopted dog. Snuggle Puppy by SmartPetLove has a built-in heartbeat, mimicking the comfort of a mother dog and littermates, giving your pup the reassurance they need to feel secure. It comes in a variety of colors and breeds to match your pooches preference.

Luxury Orthopedic Pet Beds ($34.99 and up)

While there certainly are a lot of options available for pet beds on the market, Friends Forever gets our editors pick when it comes to price, quality and selection. If you’re looking to pamper your pet with a new bed this holiday season, check out the Upholstered Indoor Cat Bed with Collapsible Pet Cube, which doubles as a cave for your fantastic feline to retreat to. For the pups in your household, this brand offers plush faux suede bolster beds, with orthopedic comfort and a waterproof mattress liner among their choices of options to ensure your pooch can enjoy a good night’s rest and sweet dreams!

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