How to Deal with Lost Pets

Keep Your Furry Friend Safe from Getting Lost

Ensure your lost pet’s safety and quick return with proper identification, microchipping, regular vet check-ups, secure surroundings, training, and GPS tracking

Our pets are beloved members of our families. They bring us companionship, unconditional love and joy to our hearts. Fear of your pet getting lost can be a source of great anxiety. Whether you have an adventurous dog or a curious cat, taking proper steps to secure their environment is essential.

Identification is Crucial

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to increase your chances of getting your pet back quickly should they escape is to make sure they always have the proper identification tag that includes their name with your address and phone number. You can also opt for a collar that has embroidered or engraved identification rather than a dangling tag.


Nowadays, it’s a common practice to microchip pets. If you’ve newly adopted a dog or cat and they weren’t chipped prior to their arrival, it’s a very simple and inexpensive process to get a chip implanted by your local veterinarian. These days when lost pets are found, the first thing most people do is take them to a veterinary office or animal shelter to scan for a microchip. This proves to be a fast and reliable way to quickly be reunited with your beloved pet.

Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Regular veterinary check-ups are not just essential for your pet’s health; they also play a crucial role in preventing them from getting lost. During these visits, make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date. If you’ve moved or changed your contact information, update it with the microchip registry. This ensures that if your pet is found, the contact details associated with the microchip are accurate.

Keep Your Property Secure

Maintaining a secure environment for your pets is vital to keeping them safe. It’s important to check for any possible escape spots, such as weak points or gaps in fencing. Always secure latches and make sure the gates are closed tight before letting your dogs out loose in the yard. If you identify any vulnerable places on your property, make sure to fix them promptly.

Socialize and Train Your Pet

Basic socialization and training play an important role in keeping your pet from straying. Teaching your dog simple commands such as to “come” when you call them, “sit” and “stay” when they do, will give you better control over any situation. Keep in mind that dogs are pack animals, and you must establish yourself as the “leader of the pack” to gain their trust and respect so they will follow your lead.

Harness and Leashes

When taking your pet outdoors, particularly out of the safety of your fenced yard, always secure them with a harness and a leash. Even a well behaved pet can become startled by distractions such as a sudden noise, which in turn could cause them to bolt faster than you can follow!

Never Leave Them Unsupervised

It’s always advisable to keep a watchful eye on your pet when they are outdoors. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a romp in the backyard, staying vigilant reduces the risk of them wandering off unnoticed.

Create a Safe Space

Just like people, our pets need a comfortable space to call their own where they can retreat to relax and feel secure. This can be a space in any room, or a cozy corner with a bed and toys. In stressful times, pets are most likely to seek refuge in their personal spot, reducing the likelihood of escaping out of fear.

GPS Tracking Devices

Small GPS tracking devices designed for pets can be attached to your pets harness or collar and allow you to track them in real time via the mobile app. These are of particular value for pet owners who have adventurous pets or those with a habit of wandering off.

Emergency Preparedness

It’s essential to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Photos and a detailed description of your pet, including any unique markings or characteristics can help in getting the word out if they get lost.

Local Community

It’s always a good idea to engage your local community if your pet gets lost. Social media groups and community forums which are dedicated to finding lost pets can be paramount to being reunited with your beloved pet. Posting your pets photo, description and personality traits can be beneficial to reuniting with them. It’s also a good idea to check with local vets and animal shelters to see if they were brought there.

While the thought of a beloved pet getting lost can be devastating, taking measures to prevent it is the key to their safety. From proper identification and microchipping to securing your home and property, each step you take will contribute to their security and probability of never getting lost.

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