Keep Pets Safe with Budget GPS Solutions

Keep Tabs on Your Pet with Budget Friendly GPS Devices

Discover budget-friendly GPS devices for pets. Track your pets with options like Whistle GO Explore, Link AKC Smart Collar, Apple Air Tag, and Tile Pro

The evolution of GPS technology has surpassed its initial role of being exclusive to aviation navigation, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives. Pet GPS devices are a popular trend in technology that can monitor and track the whereabouts of a cat or dog, thereby alleviating the panic and anxiety of losing a precious furry family member.

We present here some budget-friendly options that offer pet owners assurance of quickly locating their beloved furry companions.

Whistle GO Explore

Whistle GO Explore touts being the smallest GPS tracking device with no range limit on its tracking capabilities, making it ideal for small dogs and cats. With military grade accuracy that works with all existing satellite constellations, the Weenect app updates every second. It boasts a long-lasting battery life of 20 days, is durable, waterproof and can provide health insights.

This device runs around $129 and requires a monthly subscription starting at $6.95 per month.

Link AKC Smart Collar

The Link AKC Smart Collar combines style with functionality, offering GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and temperature alerts. The collar is customizable, comfortable for pets, and even has a remote-controlled light for added safety during nighttime outings.

With a price range of $79.99 to $129.99, the Link AKC Smart Collar provides a stylish and reliable tracking solution for pet owners. It requires a service plan which starts at $6.95 per month.

Apple Air Tag

Although the Apple Air Tag was not originally intended as a pet tracking device, Apple users have come to adapt it as such. As a result, there are a number of third-party manufacturers that make a variety of tag holders suitable for pets.

Using an Air Tag is as simple as opening the FindMy app on any Apple device, which will tell you in real time where your pet is located, although the distance capability can be limited.

Air Tags generally run about $27.99, and the variety of pet suitable holders can range from $10 – $30. These include silicone holders, leather tag style holders and collars with a built-in holder.

Tile Pro

While primarily used for item tracking, Tile Pro has become popular among pet parents due to its compact size and affordability. The tag operates on Android and Apple devices with Bluetooth technology allowing users to leverage the vast Tile network for locating lost pets.

Tile Pro offers a cost-effective solution for as little as $28 per device, making it an affordable option for pet tracking.

The market is full of pet GPS technology choices which cater to various needs. Whether you want advanced technological features and the latest fashion, or a budget-friendly but functional option, there’s sure to be a device that meets your needs. GPS can be in invaluable tool providing peace of mind that your furry companion can be located promptly if they wander away.

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