Caring for Older Dogs

Helpful Tips to Care for Aging Dogs – Part 1

Care for your aging dog with extra attention to mobility, grooming, and health needs to ensure their comfort and wellness as they grow older.

Just like humans, dogs experience changes as they age which can require extra care to ensure they feel comfortable and remain healthy. You may start to notice subtle shifts in your canine companion’s behavior and, as their pet parent, it’s your job to address their needs so they can grow old gracefully without discomfort or stress.

If you notice your senior pup doesn’t move around as easily as they once did, they tend to present a stiff appearance, have trouble getting up, they limp or their gait is a bit off, there are things you can do to help.

A pet massager is a great way to soothe their aching muscles and increase blood flow so their get up and go is not a struggle. You might also consider a pet warming pad, or simply a pet robe which can activate their own body heat similar to a heating pad. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly dry your dog when they come in from the rain, a swim, or after a bath, to prevent them from getting a chill and possibly catching a cold. A pet shammy is great for getting them dried off quickly!

It’s important to keep up with grooming and pay close attention to coat, skin, and nails as your pooch ages. If they are scared of a bath or nail clipper, there are alternatives you can explore. Waterless bath products are an option for those who may not be able to get in the tub, or may be afraid of water. Just be sure to choose a hypoallergenic product that will not cause skin dryness or reactions.

If your senior pup is sensitive to having their feet touched or jumps at the sound of a nail clipper, consider a super quiet nail grinder with a built-in light which can be a simpler way to trim your dog’s nails and smooth them out at the same. Just be mindful of the nail guard so that you don’t trim below the quick (nail cuticle). It’s best to trim gradually if you are uncertain of how much. Usually just the tip is all that you need to trim. Always keep a jar of Kwik Stop Septic Powder on hand. On the off chance that you trim too low, and the nail begins to bleed, this product will stop the bleeding immediately.

If your senior pooch is experiencing aches and stiffness, you might also consider a supplement. There are tons of mobility products on the market so do your research and make sure what you choose is right for your dog’s needs. It’s also advisable to keep up with regular check ups at the vet, and consult your vet to be sure any over the counter products are safe for your furry bestie.

Natural supplements with no side effects can be good alternatives or complements to prescribed medications. T-Relief, is a homeopathic compound remedy specifically formulated for pet arthritis. It comes in both liquid and chewable form. You might also consider a mobility supplement such as WINPRO Hip and Joint, which works quickly to alleviate inflammation, aches and pains, and symptoms of arthritis.

Paw and snout balms are useful products to keep on hand if your pooch suffers from dry pads or a dry nose. These products are easy to apply and a great way to prevent drying and cracking. They are especially good to apply before going outdoors, particularly in extreme cold or hot weather, as an added layer of protection.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs with more tips on keeping your senior pooch happy and healthy during their later stage of life. And don’t forget to check out our pet giveaways for the chance to pamper your pup with whatever they may need to live their best life!

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