Tips to pprepare furry friends for Fall.

Furry Friends Fall Tips

Enjoy fall with your pets while prioritizing their well-being. Adapt to cooler weather with pet-friendly attire, grooming and pest prevention

Fall is an exciting time of year. The sweltering heat begins to subside making way for cool breezes, cozy nights and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. It’s a great time to share special moments and celebrations with your loved ones, including your furry family members. These can indeed be wonderful times for everyone to cherish!

There are certain things to keep in mind with the changing of the season when it comes to the care and welfare of your pets. With cooler morning and evening temperatures, some pets can be prone to getting chilled. If, for example, you have a dog that doesn’t easily adjust to the cooler temps, you can buy a jacket, sweater or vest to help them acclimate to the changes.


If you have a dog that sheds, this is a time where you will observe changes in their coat which will be shedding and regrowing based upon the seasonal temperatures. It’s always a good idea to keep them properly groomed with periodic baths, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and regular brushing. If your dog has fur that grows (which is actually hair) and is not a shedding breed, keeping up with grooming on a regular basis is the best way to keep them in optimal condition, especially if they are prone to matting. It’s advisable, however, to make sure your groomer does not cut their hair too short. If they are a double coated breed, it’s essential to maintain that double coat which helps to regulate their body temperature and protect their skin from the elements. Never let a groomer shave down a double coat on your dog. Same goes for cats. Unless they are seriously matted and there is no other option, keeping their coat in tact is the best way to ensure it does what nature intended. If your pet is prone to joint issues, the change of seasons may aggravate their condition. Talk to your vet about options for treatment to make sure your pet is always comfortable and pain free.

Outdoor Safety

Playing with your pet outdoors can be very joyful for both of you. There are certain safety precautions you should keep in mind to ensure your pet is kept out of harm’s way. Of course, if you live in an urban or suburban area, keeping your pet on a leash or in a carrier is essential to their safety due to traffic and other obstacles which could cause injury. If you live in an open area where there is lots of nature, such as near the beach or in the woods, keeping mindful of the types of wildlife you and your furry companion may encounter is essential to keep them safe. If, for example, you have a very small dog, they could become the target of birds of prey such as hawks and owls. If you allow your dog to roam off leash in safe areas, you can look into getting a collar that will protect them from any bird of prey being able to carry them off. Sadly, this can and does happen so be aware and take the necessary precautions to ensure no harm comes to your beloved pet. Never leave your pet unattended in any area that is prone to prey driven wildlife. Also be aware that certain mushrooms that grow in the wild can be deadly. Don’t ever let your pet eat something you are unsure of. If you don’t know what something is, you can take a photo and use Siri on your cell phone to identify it for you. There are also other apps available which can help identify something unknown.

Check for Pests

It’s a good idea to use a treatment regularly to protect your dog or cat from pests which carry diseases and can wreak havoc on your furry companion. There are a wide variety of options on the market today, including natural products such as a tag that works with your pets body chemistry naturally to fend off fleas, ticks and mosquitos with absolutely no chemicals or side effects. That’s one options among many, so it’s a good idea to research which method will work best and agree with your pet. With the climate so unpredictable these days, most veterinarians recommend using a flea and tick treatment year round. You should always check your dog or cat for ticks when they’ve been out in nature just to make sure they are pest free.


The change of seasons also brings the excitement of preparing for the associated holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. These are times of celebration with food and treats for the whole family to enjoy. It’s always advisable to make sure human food treats, such as cakes and candy, are kept out of reach of your pets. Chocolate can be especially harmful, and even fatal in large quantities, so make sure it is always kept where there is no chance of your dog or cat, or any pets in your household, being able to consume it. There are tons of recipes, and even premade holiday treats, you can offer to your pets so they can enjoy the specialness of the occasion. Usually around the holidays local pet stores offer a variety of homemade treats or something unique you can offer to your furry friends. With these options, you can feel assured your pet can consume a tasty treat safely. Always check the ingredients to make sure there is nothing your pet may have an allergy or sensitivity to.

Keeping our pets safe and healthy is a common goal of all pet parents. Just like children, we want the very best for them so they can lead a fulfilled life. Being aware of potential issues, and avoiding anything that could harm your beloved pet will keep you both happy while you enjoy every moment of life’s journey together!

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