Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

Fabulous, Fun and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

Discover holiday pet gifts under $40: massagers, self-grooming arches, talking buttons, cat hammocks, and more. Win a shopping spree in our sweepstakes!

Wonderful Holiday Pet Gifts Under $40

If you’re passionate about showering your furry family members with unique gifts, check out some of our top picks under $40 this holiday season. We’ve curated a selection of special items which are sure to elicit lots of tail wags and purrs of contentment in your house without straining your wallet. In fact, with our pet-tastic gift card sweepstakes, you could be on your way to winning a free shopping spree on Amazon, Chewy or Petco to buy your furever friend the perfect gifts this season!

Pet Massager for Dogs and Cats ($12.98)

If you’d like to pamper your pet with massage, check out the PetWell dual roller ball hand held massager which is simple roll over your dog or cat. The curved handle makes it easy to hold with one large roller and one smaller roller on each end which can be used on large, medium or small sized dogs and cats to promote relaxation and relieve aching joints and muscles.

Self-Grooming Cat Arch ($21.99)

If your kitty loves his or her back scratched, and is always meowing for more, here’s an essential gift that will keep them satisfied for hours! Happi N Pets offers an all in one self-grooming arch brush with scratching pad, face scratcher and built-in cat nip toy with rubbing post. This is the ultimate in cat gifts, and can keep your cat happy and occupied independently all day long, which is the way many cats like to enjoy themselves!

Talking Buttons For Teaching Dogs Word Communication ($39)

This is a fun and interactive toy your dog is sure to show off his or her smarts with! If you’ve ever wished your dog could talk, here’s your chance to teach them how! ChunHee is a leader in talking dog buttons and offers a set that includes a matt that holds the 9 recordable buttons which can be programmed with common words. Have you ever said to your dog, “I just don’t know what you want!”? This is a way to teach them how to express themselves in words so you will know precisely what they are communicating to you. It’s a fun way to train your dog to tell you what they need and you’re both sure to enjoy the process of learning together.

Window Mounted Cat Hammock ($34.99)

For the discriminating feline who loves to spend their day perched in the window surveying the neighborhood,  Zakkart, offers a foldable cushion hammock which is fluffy and machine washable. It comes with a sturdy frame which can be folded up when not in use and is suitable for both large cats and small kittens. It attaches to any window with heavy duty suction cups to ensure it stays securely adhered to the surface.

Pet Warming and Cooling Pad ($19.99 – $39.99)

If your furry friends like to stay cozy and warm in winter, and cool as a cucumber in summer, a pet warming and cooling pad may be the purrfect gift this holiday season to use throughout the year. Empsign makes a lightweight double sided pet mat that comes in a variety of sizes. The warm side is plush and cozy while the cool side is smooth canvas. Simply flip it over to suit your pets need to be warm or cool. It’s machine washable and dryer friendly, making it easy to keep clean.

Interactive Pet Puzzle Feeder for Cats ($15.94)

For the curious indoor cat in your family Cat Amazing created a Treat Puzzle Box with a food maze which can keep your kitty happy for hours, encouraging their natural hunting instincts and fending off boredom. It also promotes exercise which is important for your cat’s overall well-being and is a great way to encourage their intelligence.

Interactive Advanced Dog Puzzle Toy ($13.25)

For pet parents of clever canines, check out the Frisco by Chewy problem solving puzzle. It features sliding pieces where your pooch can uncover their treats. It not only rewards your pooch, it’s also a fun way to reduce boredom and promote cognitive learning in your pal and is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes.

Toy Caddy ($34.99)

For the pet parent who spoils their fur family members with lots of toys, a personalized Sweet Dog Toy Caddy is a must have to keep all their prizes possessions easily accessible in one organized place. Plus, you can have it customized with your dogs name. Now, that’s sweet!

Choosing a unique holiday gift for your beloved pet can bring them lasting happiness throughout the entire year. We hope these gift ideas will help you to find something extra special for your furry family member, so you can both experience the joy of this festive holiday season together!

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