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Win a $125,000 luxury pet package from Sweeps.Pet! Use it for a lakeside cabin or beach retreats with your furry friend. Your ideal relaxation is a click away.


Do you need a break from your every day hustle and bustle? Do you dream of getting away from it all and escaping to the ultimate relaxation destination and being able to take your prized pet with you? If you answered yes, then we’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you!

Sweeps.Pet is offering the chance of a lifetime to win a $125,000 Pet Friendly Prize Package! Having $125,000 to spend on your dream destination will grant you the opportunity to shop for a quaint lakeside cabin where you can escape any time you need to get away to decompress. Plus, with your furry companion by your side, you won’t have to worry about leaving them behind and wonder what’s going on while you’re away. Eliminating that worry and having the chance to spend complete relaxation with your best buddy is the best kind of vacation experience you could ever hope for!

This prize package offers the winner the option to choose their location and buy or rent the perfect vacation place. With $125,000 at your disposal, you’ll have the opportunity to select the amenities and features that will bring you the most fulfilling experiences you’ve always imagined.

If you love to fish, kayak, float around in a row boat, sun bathe on the dock, or explore nature walking through woods, discovering trails and observing local wildlife, you’ll be able to do that and more with your furry companion and family members to enjoy some truly quality time together.

With a prize package this amazing, your dreams of escaping in utter relaxation can become a reality. You might find a place with a jacuzzi built-into the deck, a firepit overlooking the beauty of the lake and surrounding scenery, and other amenities like a modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, an outdoor shower for rinsing off so you and your pooch and family members can freshen up and relax after a day on the water. Then you might fire up the grill and enjoy an amazing grilled fish dinner on the deck and head down to the firepit afterwards to make smores and even treat your pooch to a special treat of their own too!

No matter where you live currently and where you’d like your dream vacation getaway to be, with $125,000 you’ll have many options to explore. You may decide to use this large sum of cash to put a considerable amount of money down on a permanent new home and move somewhere you can relax every day and fully enjoy your new surroundings so every day will be like a vacation. That could be anywhere you choose whether you like the open countryside or an urban oasis, or something in between! You may choose a quaint cottage with a white picket fence and a patio with a barbecue and cozy table to enjoy outdoor dining with your family members. You might even get a matching pair of lounge chairs for your faithful companion to relax outdoors with you while you grill up something tasty you can both sink your teeth into!

You could also be someone who likes to travel with all the comforts of home and an RV might be just the thing you need to take you where you want to go without having to worry about hotels, flights, and all of the stress that comes with checking into airports, especially if you’re traveling with your dog or cat. With this option, you and your furry friend can hit the road and go wherever you’ve been dreaming of visiting. You could fully stock the cupboards and refrigerator, and have a true adventure, or a series of them, exploring all the wonderful places you can see together. You may even decide to map out your trip and include all of the pet friendly camp sites so you can connect with other people who share your love of furry four legged friends, and you both just might make some new friends and build treasured relationships that will last for the rest of your lives.

You could also be someone who enjoys the beach and playing frisbee in the sand with your furry companion. With this prize money you might decide to get a beachfront cottage rental for the summer and spend your days lazing around in the sunshine, falling asleep to the sound of the surf, and invite your favorite friends and family members to visit with their pets so everyone can have a great experience together. Or you may want to get away from the winter cold and head south to enjoy the warmer weather and leave the snow behind! Becoming a snow bird is another choice you can make!

Money certainly brings options, and with $125,000 your choices will be wide open to decide on what best suits your personal taste and the lifestyle you and your fur baby can enjoy together. It’s very simple to give yourself this incredible opportunity simply by entering to win!

Visit the prize page and submit your email address for each entry. It’s that easy to enter to win. It only takes one entry being chosen to become the lucky winner, and that entry could be one of yours! Be sure to claim every available entry because when the drawing arrives, and one entry is chosen, you’ll want to have all of yours submitted to maximize this fortuitous opportunity. It’s completely free, fast and simple to enter, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible giveaway and enter daily for your chance to become the winner!

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