Adopt a Shelter Dog

Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month all October Long!

Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month October! 🐶✨ Adopt for health-checked pets & savings. Support through adoption, volunteering & awareness.

🐾Hey pet lovers and especially you dog enthusiasts. This is for you! It’s time to cozy up in your favorite fall hoodie while you sip your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to add an extra wag to your daily walks! Do you know why? Because October isn’t just a time to celebrate the fall harvest, or get spooked by Halloween goblins, ghosts and tricks. October is also National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! We’re talking about saving the life of a dog in need, and finding your new best friend to give them all the love in your heart. 🐶✨ It’s time to roll out the red carpet, and find your four legged superstar to be a part of your life and fill your days with a joy like no other! 🌟🎈

Why Should You Adopt a Shelter Dog?

Because finding the four-legged love of your life is absolutely PAW-some! 🐾 You’ll have a constant companion by your side to keep you company and share all of life’s activities and adventures. You’ll also have someone to look out for you, and even alert you to a stranger at the door, even if it’s just the mailman, UPS or FedEx delivering a package from Chewy!

There are two words to describe what this can be like. Instant BFF! ❤️🐕We’re talking about a couch buddy to binge watch Netflix without someone grabbing the remote to change the channel! We mean the perfect buddy who thinks the sun and the moon rise and set on you and you’re the best thing since baked biscuits were invented!

Pooch Pageants, Parties and Parades

Think of all the great times ahead! You can get matching fall fashions, and perhaps even showcase your designer look in a local pooch pageant or fashion show! You’ll both be the bells of the ball strutting your stuff side by side down the runway and everyone will want to take your photo to share on their social media to show their friends who they were in the company of!

Adopting a shelter dog means saving a life! You’ll also be opening up space at the shelter for other pups to have the chance to find their furever home. Those are some serious karma points right out of the gate!

Save Money

You’ll also be saving money since shelter dogs are up to date on their vaccinations, have been health checked by a qualified veterinarian, are spayed or neutered, and microchipped. That adds up to some serious savings! Plus, the money you save can be used to pamper your new BFF with toys, treats, the best food, a great fashion forward collar perhaps with a matching harness, and maybe a little bling on it to show off their sense of style! You might even get them their own bed to put next to yours. That is, if they haven’t claimed yours as their own by the time you start bonding. That’s a bond that will last their lifetime, all because you cared enough to give them a chance to thrive and flourish with you as their cherished pet parent!

Pawfect Gratitude

A bonus to adoption is most shelter dogs know they’ve been saved. They understand where they’ve been, and some are able to express their gratitude in a variety of ways. They might take your hand with their paw and hold it like they never want to let go. They might snuggle up and lay their head on your lap, breathing a sigh of relief that they’re out of the shelter and have a home and family to call their own. They might show signs of happiness and even smile and wag their tail a lot. Some will give kisses, and others will even stand up and hug you! Just imagine the love you’ll both feel when that happens. Your hearts will beat in the same rhythm knowing you’ve found each other: the perfect match! The unconditional love they express is absolutely priceless!

Local Events

Don’t forget to check out local events in your area where you can celebrate the October festivities honoring shelter pets. Look for parades, outreach events, fashion shows, and pooch costume parties which are all geared to celebrate the very best in these canine heroes. You might happen upon an unexpected perfect match, and you’ll just know when you see each other, it was truly meant to be. That’s canine kismet!

Other Ways to Help

You can also celebrate National Shelter Dog Month during the month of October and all throughout the year in other ways if you’re not quite ready to adopt, or haven’t found your furever friend yet. Consider volunteering to help care for those still waiting for a home. You could also donate to help support their care, or simply share their information with your friends and family, post it on social media and keep them in the spotlight because someone just might be waiting for the perfect companion, and you shared their photo and information to get them there! Spreading the word is a vital component to helping all shelter animals achieve a life outside of the shelter in a home to call their very own.

Hidden Gems

In this spirit of saving lives and celebrating let’s not forget about all the other hidden gems of furry friends in need of good homes. 💎🐾 We’re talking about kitty cats, cuddly rabbits, sweet singing and chirping birds and all of the adorable creatures waiting to be rescued and brought to the comfort and safety of a new family home where they can shine as bright as a diamond and live their best life in a loving environment where they know they are cared for by the best people they could have ever found!

Not all superheroes wear capes, 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ but you can don your favorite cape if you want to! Coming to the rescue of a shelter animal and saving their life by giving them a chance to be their very best can certainly make you worthy of superhero status. We know you’ll certainly be the hero of those loving puppy eyes forever!

So whether you want to add a new member to your pack, or simply share your life with an only pet, please adopt a shelter dog or other furry friend. It can certainly change both of your lives for the better! Make October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month celebration a part of your festivities. You’ll be glad you did and so will the perfect pet companion you save! 🐶💖🍂🎃

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