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Win a $100 Petco gift card and spoil your pet with gourmet meals, exciting toys, cozy comforts, hilarious outfits, and wellness goods.

Bravo! You’ve just hit the furred fortune by bagging a $100 Petco gift card. Fasten your seatbelts! You and your pawed pal are about to embark on a thrilling and fantastical journey through the expressway of Petco Paradise. What tops pampering your cherished companion with a wallet brimming with Petco currency?

Now, let’s embark on a virtual promenade through the Petco lanes. Your $100 could morph your pet’s existence into a fully decked, fur-laden fiesta.

First, you hit the food aisle, stacking up on scrumptious servings that rival Michelin-star meals in the animal kingdom. With tastes like ‘Wild Caught Shrimp & Real Crab’ or ‘Farm-Raised Chicken’, you may find yourself momentarily thinking this is your own shopping list.

The next port of call is the Toy Terrain! Bypassing rows of squeaky delights, crinkly balls, and snack-dispensing miracles isn’t an option. Go on, surprise your terrier with a T-Rex chew toy that provides a worthy tug-of-war competitor, or captivate your cat with a feather-adorned wand toy that awakens their inner wild feline instincts.

Make sure to venture down the Comfort Corridor. With $100 Petco Gift Card at your disposal, you could elevate Whiskers from a cardboard domicile to a plush, velvet ensconced skyscraper, or indulge Fido with a memory foam bed that’s so comfy, you’ll be left wishing they were human-sized.

Entry Frequency: Daily
Eligibility: US, CA 18+
Sweeps Expiration: 11/25/23
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Pet Tip: Traveling with Pets

Embarking on an adventure with your pet requires thoughtful planning to ensure a stress-free journey. Start by researching pet-friendly accommodations and packing essential pet supplies including food, toys, and flea protection. It’s crucial to ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and they are microchipped or have a visible ID tag. For safe travel, invest in a pet safety harness or carrier for car journeys, and familiarize yourself with airline pet policies if flying. To comfort your pet during travel, bring familiar items, allow regular bathroom breaks and consider calming products if they’re prone to anxiety. Lastly, be mindful and respectful of others, keeping your pet leashed and cleaning up after them. With these measures, you can create lasting travel memories with your furry friend. Read full article

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